Hiring & Recruitment Solutions


Full Executive Search Hiring Project

This is the most effective service we offer with guaranteed results.

Canfield Scott create a customized search approach, offering the most extensive search exposure to gain maximum market penetration.

We utilize our extensive global network alongside our own specific internal research team who are subject matter experts in your dedicated industry and functional expertise, we also engage with our trusted external outsourced research team based in that specific geography.

These are exclusive, retained hiring projects that are particularly challenging positions to hire for or they require confidentially or there is some sensitivity to the current hiring situation (or a combination of the above). They demand a full market mapping exercise and competitor analysis to identify candidates you would not find through your usual hiring methods. This is a proactive head hunt approach to the market.

The Privileged search is the most valuable option where market intelligence, results and pace are of upmost importance.


Part Privileged and Part Advanced Search Hiring Project

The Hybrid search is the most variable hiring project we offer. This is a mix of privileged search benefits alongside the Advanced search offering.

Each search that we undertake is as important as the next search we commit to and working on a Hybrid Search Hiring Project offers more flexibility on payment structure with often the same service level of results as the Privilege hiring project.

We will also utilize our extensive global network, as we do for any search but with less emphasis on market intelligence and competitor analysis but still a high emphasis on delivering a result for our customer.


Success Based Search Hiring Project

We appreciate that not all customers are looking for the same recruitment solution, so we also offer the traditional NO CURE, NO FEE package.

Advanced would cater for all prospective clients who would like to engage with Canfield Scott on a purely contingent basis. Our service level agreement would still ensure we dedicate time and resources to the project but on reduced scale without any additional search benefits such as market mapping, competitor analysis etc.

Canfield Scott acknowledge that in the traditional NO CURE, NO FEE contingent world, we would not be exclusively engaged to work a project, but we would put the necessary time and commitment to the search to provide candidates that you would otherwise not have seen through your current recruitment streams.


Multiple hires/(RPO)/Project Hires

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). There will be on some occasions where you will need to engage with Canfield Scott on a project based/multiple hire assignment that would need a higher volume of profiles for a variety of positions within the same company.

Canfield Scott are well equipped for mid-large scale hiring that is not restricted by function or geography. We will dedicate an external deployment team (EDT) to you with the necessary resources and capability to cater for these larger scale hiring projects whilst still ensuring each project is bespoke to your specific hiring needs.

We offer a wide range of flexible commercial solutions to cater for the scale of work being requested.