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Perry Sunshine - Canfield Scott

Perry Sunshine

Director and Founder of Canfield Scott

Perry Sunshine, Director and founder of Canfield Scott brings 12 years of specialist search experience across multiple industry verticals married with specific expertise in Canfield Scott’s core functional areas of End to End Supply Chain and Human Resources.

Perry has successfully executed against positions ranging from Management to Director to President and C-level roles in a variety of different sized organisations on a global scale.

It’s not the size of the business that matters, it’s the level of engagement, collaboration and partnership that is of most importance.

“I am a passionate guy and passionate about creating a respected reputation for what we do.  I want us to bring vale add to any organisation that is serious about change and transformation. I know what separates the good from the great and we genuinely care about providing the best service to our clients and candidates”

His exceptional network of global senior contacts, coupled with his track record of delivering on executive search assignments and research projects means that Perry gets results when you are seeking in-demand skills and hard to reach talent within a short time frame.  Think Canfield Scott and think Pace without compromising Quality.

Perry understands first hand that no two clients are the same and is adept at delivering a range of bespoke recruitment solutions tailored to the client needs.