Career Coaching

What is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach . . .

  • Works with you to help define, redefine and achieve professional objectives.
  • Works with you develop your personal brand.
  • Works with you to help break down your barriers for success.
  • Works with you to build your confidence.
  • Works with you to develop your networking skills.
  • Works with you to build better relationships with your Team/Staff/Managers/Peers.
  • Works with you as an experienced professional who has knowledge and experience of working in the recruitment, HR, development, hiring, training arena.

When Could You Benefit From a Career Coach?

  • When you are looking for a new job opportunity or a new challenge.
  • When you are unsure of your next professional steps (Internally/Externally).
  • When you are lacking motivation and drive in your current business/career.
  • When you need to deliver different results.
  • When you need to build confidence in yourself.
  • When you need to change direction in your business or career.
  • When you need some impartial but professional advice on what steps to take.
  • When you need to improve your personal branding.
  • When you want to be proactive/creative with your business/career.
  • When you need somebody to share your Thoughts/Ideas/Plans.
  • When everything else has not worked and you are running out of ideas.

How Can a Career Coach Help You?

The overall objective is to create a Tailored and Assisted “GO TO MARKET” strategy.

  • How to give your CV and Professional profile “The Edge”.
  • How to master using LinkedIn to your benefit.
  • How to network properly (Online/Face to Face).
  • How to approach your target audience (Recruiters/HR/Hiring Managers/Current Boss/Potential Employers).
  • How to operate proactively & positively at work or when you are looking for work.
  • How to manage an effective recruitment process from application to interviews to negotiation to signature.
  • How to utilise our professional networks.
  • How to manage your thoughts and emotions.

All delivered in Weekly/Bi Weekly/Monthly, one to one coaching (Face to Face/Video/Phone).

Steps to Success

Step 1: Introduction (Week 1)

  • Your key objectives
  • Our teamwork explained
  • Discuss the basics

Step 2: Kick Off (Week 2-4)

  • Action plan agreed
  • Objectives set

Step 3: Execute (Week 5-10)

  • Follow the agreed objectives
  • Q&A support on emails (unlimited)

Step 4: Follow Up (Week 10-12)

  • Update on your journey
  • What is working? What needs attention?
  • What else can we help with?

The Journey

Be prepared for change, be prepared to go outside your comfort zone, be prepared to learn, be prepared to build your confidence, be prepared to be challenged, be prepared for the journey, be prepared to grow!

*Premium Investment - £999

(12-week Engagement). 15 hours (Face to Face/Video/Calls).

*Advanced Investment - £699

(12-week Engagement). 10 hours (Face To Face/Video/Calls).

*Basic Investment - £399

(12-week engagement). 5 hours (Face to Face/Video/Calls).

*Premium Plus Executive Investment - £199/month

(Minimum 6-month engagement). Minimum 30 hours (Face To Face/Video/Calls) with 24/7 availability.

*Flexible Investment - £85/hour

(Video/Calls only) – Free CV review.

*All payments are expected once an agreement has been made after an initial introduction call of 30 mins, additional travel expenses required for travel outside of London, UK.

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