Additional Services

All our Additional Services are a bespoke, customized research project to give you the necessary information you require which is not readily available in the market

Market Intelligence & Competitive Benchmarking

The hiring of key talent and retaining key talent is what sets most companies apart. Canfield Scott support you to identify fundamental gaps in your current business and hiring strategy to provide you with the information you require to be proactive in your market as opposed to reactive.

We know what your competition are doing as our specialist market intelligence teams are at the forefront of communication with key industry and functional leaders.

Taking a strategic long-term approach to hiring and succession planning will help you stay ahead of the competition and Canfield Scott wants to partner with organisations who are serious about being proactive to an ever-changing business environment.

Leadership Consulting & Leadership Development

No two businesses are the same when it comes to leadership consulting and leadership development. Each company have a specific strategic plan but are your leaders capable of delivering what is expected?

Canfield Scott work closely with fully trained external consultants and specific industry leaders who have a depth of experience in identifying gaps in your leadership team from business unit managers to directors to global VP’s to C-suite positions.

This exercise is not just focusing on a generic checklist criteria, but deep diving into all the factors needed for success at leadership level in your business. We cover factors such as:

  • Competencies
  • Technical ability
  • Leadership behaviors
  • Cultural alignment
  • Behavioural expectation
  • Vision alignment

Assessment Services/Staff Retention

Canfield Scott can create a bespoke assessment program for the onboarding of all new hires at all career levels. This will be in alignment with your company vision for the short-mid-long-term hiring strategy.

We will identify talent gaps in your organization and design the assessment program best suited to your company needs.

The overall objective here is to bring “value add” to your hiring process and create a bespoke program to ensure you are hiring the right talent first time through specific hiring and interview assessments and to create a higher rate of retention of your employees for the future.