Who We Are

Canfield Scott is a proactive Executive Search and Selection recruitment company operating across leadership positions on local, regional and global assignments within the core business functions of end to end Supply Chain and Human Resources. We are true subject matter experts inside these functional areas working across a variety of different industry verticals to compliment and optimize our extensive global network of diverse candidate and client contacts.

Hiring & Recruitment Solutions

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions

Privileged: Full Executive Search Hiring Project

Canfield Scott create a customized search approach, offering the most extensive search exposure…

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Hybrid: Part Privileged and Part Advanced Search Hiring Project

This is a mix of privileged search benefits alongside the Advanced search offering…

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Advanced: Success Based Search Hiring Project

We also offer the traditional NO CURE, NO FEE package…

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Flexible: Multiple hires/(RPO)/Project Hires

Project based/multiple hire assignment that would need a higher volume of profiles for a variety…

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Link: Interim/Contract/Freelance Hiring Project

We also offer Link as a package where we can source an interim/Contract/Free Lance candidate…

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Additional Services

All our Additional Services are a bespoke, customized research project to give you the necessary information you require which is not readily available in the market.

  • Market Intelligence & Competitive Benchmarking
  • Leadership Consulting & Leadership Development
  • Assessment Services/Staff Retention

Our Industries

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Our Functions

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Searching for a New Position?

We are always interested in hearing from professionals who are searching for new opportunities in the market. We offer free consultative advice on the current hiring landscape and access to contacts and customers in our network.